• 2024

  • Job, Apr 2020 - Now


    CEO at Thirdroom


    Leading the charge for a better future in interdisciplinary and intersectional collaboration

  • 2020

  • Job, Dec 2016 - Apr 2020

    Collaboration Manager and Head of HelloScience

    Collaboration Manager and Head of HelloScience at Novozymes


    After two year being a collaboration specialist, I became “Head of HelloScience” in Novozymes first open collaboration platform - HelloScience was an ecosystem of scientists, business developers, lawyers, start-ups. During by time in Novozymes we helped startups around the world

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  • 2016

  • Job, Feb 2012 - Apr 2016

    Phd. Researcher at


    Ph.d researcher in new collaborative innovation learning cultures // Department of Philosophy at Roskilde University and at the Innovation Office at Novozymes A/S.

  • Education, Jan 2012 - Jan 2016

    Phd. Philosophy

    RUC, IKH

    4 years at IKH, RUC working on my Phd. in philosophy. This eventually led to the emergence of Thirdroom.

  • 2014

  • , 06 Dec 2014

    Collaboration - On The Edge of a New Paradigm

    Collaboration - On The Edge of a New Paradigm

    Berkeley, US

    In this documentary we explored the world of collaboration and we love it

  • 2013

  • Education, Jun 2012 - Jan 2013

    Phd. Philosophy fellow

    UC Berkeley, Department of Philosophy

    In 2012, I had the privilege of being a Ph.D. Fellow at Berkeley, under the supervision of the philosopher Hubert Dreyfus. His influence, combined with the collaborative atmosphere of the Berkeley campus, inspired the establishment of Thirdroom.

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  • Moment, 03 Jan 2013

    Becomming a DAD for the first time

    Becomming a DAD for the first time


    In January's embrace, the year twenty-thirteen, Luka Vera opened her eyes, a sight to be seen. To the dance of dawn, she arose, so serene, A star, a marvel, in the vast life's scene.

  • 2012

  • Job, Dec 2006 - Jan 2012

    Founder & Partner at

    Kollaboration ApS

    Kollaboration er en netværksvirksomhed, som jeg startede op på Københavns Universitet i 2006. Formål med virksomheden har været at få universiteter, erhvervsliv og politikere til spille sammen om at overvinde tidens store samfundsudfordringer.

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  • Job, Jan 2010 - Nov 2012

    Partner & Founder at


    Copenhagen Area, Denmark

  • Job, Oct 2009 - Oct 2012


    Advisor at Specialist Foundation


    From 2010-2012, I served as a special advisor to Torkel Sonne in initiating the Foundation for Specialisterne, with goal of impacting 1 million individuals. I passionately endorse the belief that everyone possesses unique skills, though traditional 9-5 roles might not suit all Specialisterne Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation with the goal to generate meaningful employment for one million autistic persons and those with similar profiles (ADHD, OCD, dyslexia etc.) – in combination referred to as neurodivergent persons – through social entrepreneurship, corporate sector engagement and a global change in mindset. 

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  • 2011

  • Education, Jan 2007 - Jan 2011

    Masters, Philosophy

    KU, Sektion for filosofi

    Tog min masters i filosofi hos Sektion for filosofi. Var første filosofi studerende der fik finansieret sin startup, det var "Kollaboration" mit første forsøg på en platform som denne.

  • Publication, Feb 2011

    Få de bedste Ideer med din værste fjende

    Få de bedste Ideer med din værste fjende

    Blog post

    For a company to be truly innovative, it's a good idea to collaborate with its biggest competitor or the most active grassroots movement. The fiercest foes in the market, whether they are tough competitors or advocacy organizations, can turn out to be ideal partners for a company. Collaboration with them can foster unique ideas, says an innovation expert.

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  • 2009

  • Moment, 02 Jul 2009

    Roskilde Festival '09 with a Nobel Price Winner

    Roskilde Festival '09 with a Nobel Price Winner

    Roskilde Festival

    In connection with Roskilde '09, I stood as the leader of Kollaboration.nu and WeCollaborate.org at the helm of the idea stage "Fight for Future" with the goal of bringing Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus to the Roskilde Festival. In the picture, I am standing alongside Yunus and microfinance expert Chuck Waterfield, who became a good friend of the collaboration team through the collaboration. https://youtu.be/An6DYY6eOh8?si=mMU8zrBALVA8fy9s

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  • 2008

  • Publication, Jun 2008

    Fjendskab er fremtiden

    Fjendskab er fremtiden


    Rivalry is a very good starting point for a progressive collaboration. NGOs, competitors, or others who were previously seen as adversaries can become valuable partners for the company. This is because both society and the problems that need to be addressed are becoming increasingly complex. The more relevant knowledge a company can leverage and the more stakeholders with new and different perspectives it can collaborate with, the greater the likelihood that a solution that works can be found.

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  • 2007

  • Education, Jan 2006 - Jan 2007

    Art photographer

    Fatamorgana, Fatamorgana

    Fatamorgana is an art school.

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