Breaking down silos

In Thirdroom we don't accept the situation as is, but help each other to change it for the better! This “room” is for all you collaborators out there, who are open for creating impactful synergy by uniting forces with complimentary partners, matching problem owners with problem solvers and relevant stakeholders and helpers.

Concretely, here you can work with students, academics, researchers, startups, corporates, NGOs and foundations, with a shared mission of creating real impact that benefits people, society and the planet.

Making room for collaboration

Filter out the noise

Our mission is empowering what makes sense in the big picture, but this also benefits you, whether you are a company, university or startup or student, the platform empowers the incentive structure of collaboration. Giving you the tools to gain an overview of not only your own work, but also your organizations. And how it grows through collaboration with external partners. When working on the platform we aim to give you a better overview into the field of both actors, and research, making it easier to navigate the overload of people and knowledge we often face today. Connecting both with the aim of creating learning through mentorship, challenges, internships and job connection.

Community Powered

The Thirdroom Logo

We love digital technology, but we want more freedom!

Do you frequently find yourself checking your phone, without thinking about it and then 30 minutes later wonder where time has gone?

Then you're like most of us. We have built Thirdroom to come up with an alternative approach to technology, where we spend more time on the things that matter, like being present with our friends and family, or when we use technology it is for actually being in the world, solving real problems with like minded collaborators.

The logo, if you look at it as a weight scale, represents that urge, to restore the balance between the online and offline, where digital technology plays a positive role in our lives.

The Story Behind Thirdroom

Thirdroom was founded in Denmark in 2021, by the couple Katja Gry Carlsen and Alfred Birkegaard in 2021. Building on years of experience, a ph.d. in the practice and history of collaboration and with two previous prototypes, an Open Innovation Platform, HelloScience, for Novozymes and a Project Sharing Platform, for students at Roskilde University.

The platform is built around a multimedia horizontal timeline that is shaped in a way, so it captures your milestones and makes them memorable.

Get to know our history through this Timeline:

Who is Thirdroom?

We are an untraditional tech start-up of philosophers, business developer, an artist and a designer, AI and data experts and full stack coder collaborating with selected complementary partners.

The Collaboration Letter

Thirdroom is founded on a vision of building up a platform rooted in Nordic tech principles, and after designing, building and testing the platform for more than two years, we are ready to invite the ecosystem in, at Digital Tech Summit the 25th & 26th of October 2022 in Bella Centret, Copenhagen. Here the Thirdroom platform hosts the Collaboration Zone for physical and online collaborative talks and matchmaking, aimed at accelerating problem-solving and mission-oriented collaboration, which kickstarted the co-creating of the platform's manifesto “the Collaboration Letter”.

Dive into how more than 40 experts from different fields were brought together for 2 days to create “the Collaboration Letter” - A manifesto of tech, data, research and social principles for vital cross-functional collaboration.


Here you can find the Thirdroom media content such as logos and various images and videos.
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