Foresight Radars

Foresight Radars


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Foresight radars are gaining in popularity. They are being used for different purposes by different stakeholders. This project proposal opens up the space for documentation and systematic inquiry into the applications.

Problemformulering eller arbejdsspørgsmål

How can we understand all the foresight radars variations?

For hvem er det et problem?

Academics, foresight radar designers and

fx. Policy Makers and Government Agencies: Analyzing the applications of foresight radars can help policy makers identify areas where such technology can be employed to enhance security, surveillance, disaster management, and infrastructure planning.


Environmental Organizations: Understanding the use of foresight radars in monitoring and assessing environmental changes can aid organizations focused on ecological conservation and sustainable development.

Teoretiske perspektiver:

  • Sociomateraility 

Metodiske tilgange:

  • Case studies
  • Comparative analysis

STS perspektiver:

Give me a Two by Two matrix and I will create the market

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