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    How do businesses grow? There are several methods for sure but, one thing is common among all of them. Without an unlimited advertising budget, you need to be good, no, you need to be GREAT at communicating not just what you do but WHY you do what you do for your customers.

    Pitching is a critical tool in this process.

    As a pitch coach since 2012, I've listened to and given feedback on ~2,800 pitches. Created and offered direction on countless pitch and presentation decks. Provided crisp, effective content and copy and built messages that stood out from the crowd and rose above the noise.

    Because a pitch is just one tool in marketing your product, service, or you, Perfect Your Pitch and Pitch Ninja are way more than just pitch coaching companies. We offer a complete line of marketing and communication services based on real-world experience from 1 person start-ups to some of the biggest companies in the world.

    Soft skills matter, perhaps more now than ever. Even the greatest technology companies in the world would never sell a single product or service without being able to effectively communicate the value that they bring to their customer.

    Perfect Your Pitch and Pitch Ninja were built to help companies, individuals and organizations communicate, market, sell and get their message out. In a world full of noise, we help you rise above and stand out from that noise.

    Contact us today to find out how you too can create your mighty message.

    Perfect Your Pitch and Pitch Ninja, because communication is key.

    Established: 2021

    Location: Lund, Sweden


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